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Three SUP Fin – Positions with the US FIN Box System

There are quite a few SUP fin boxes out there, but no other system leaves you as flexible, as the US fin box system does. This fin system enables you to position your fin wherever it supports your needs the most.

What can you do with the US Fin Box?

Well, there are three possible positions for your fin:

  1. Fin towards the nose
  2. Fin in the middle of the fin box
  3. Fin towards the tail of the board

Fairly simple right?! However, how does each position help me out, when I am on the water?

How does my fin position affect my Board?

SUP Fin towards the nose of your board

Positioning your SUP fin towards the nose of your board comes in handy when you are paddling out on the open water, or when you will encounter a lot of waves. Usually, you spent your time in surfer stance enjoying the swell when your fin has this position.

SUP Fin in the middle of the fin box

Sometimes it is not quite certain how the water quality will be, or you will practice some race techniques. This is the moment when you will most likely position your fin in the center of the fin box. Here you have the most support for turns, and it will still be possible to easily track a straight line.

SUP Fin towards the tail of your paddleboard

The third option you have, when it comes to the US Fin box system, is to position your fin as far towards the tail as possible.

This is also my go to fin position.

This way you have the most support for tracking and it will be easier to keep on paddling in a straight line.

My YOLOBOARD has the US fin box System

Which one is favorite SUP Fin position? Read more about fins here.


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