DIY SUP Home Trainer for Stand up Paddler
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How to build a “SUP Home Trainer” in under 3 minutes, with only 3 items on a low budget?

After I posted at the beginning of the week, on my Instagram story, about my self build little SUP Home Trainer, I received a lot of questions from you guys. Therefore, I decided to make this week’s post a short & easy DIY guidance were I link you to the items I used.
Additionally, I will give some tips for things you can use instead of what I used to build my dry SUP Trainer, and you might already have at home.

3 Items to build you DIY SUP Home Trainer
These are the 3 Items I use to practice my SUP skills at home.

3 essential items to build your SUP Home Trainer

Here is the list of the 3 items I used to build my SUP Home Trainer which I want to use to practice my paddle stroke, to increase my core stability and to work on my overall balance.

  1. Balance Board
  2. Paddle
  3. Resistance Band

When you have your items you attach the Resistance Band to your paddle and to a fixed surface. You hop on your balance board and get on paddling. That’s it basically. If you want to get crazy and have enough space put your SUP Board on top of the balance board for a more real-life feeling.

Balance board

The Balance Board part is pretty essential for the SUP Home Trainer. It imitates more the surf style when you are doing the stroke move, but it is an excellent core and stability workout.
The Balance Board I purchased and you can see on my pics ist this one from Amazon. However, you can use any kind of Balance board. There is a variety out there. See my extra Tips on how to build one of your own.


I used an older 3 piece paddle for my SUP Home trainer and left out the middle piece. This way I do not scratch over the floorboards. Anyways, you do not have to use a paddle at all. See my suggestions on what you can use below.


The resistance band is adding some extra spice to your DIY SUP Home Trainer. Overall, it makes it a little harder and mimics the resistance you would have in the water. Depending on the grade of the Resistance Band you can increase or decrease this effect.

I use a medium intense resistance band which I bought also on Amazon. The reason why I choose this one, in particular, is because it is two meters long and makes it a bit more flexible to use indoors or outdoors.

So overall I spent less than 40€ on my SUP Trainer which is not nearly as expensive and also more flexible as a common SUP Home Trainer.

Extra Tips

Build your own Balance Board

Actually it is pretty easy to make your own balance board. You can use a Pipe, a Blackroll, a Pad, a Bosu Ball or whatever you find useful to balance on. Additionally, you need some sort of panel that is robust enough to carry you. Then put it on top of whatever you found as a balance toy and you are all set.

What to use as a Paddle

Here as well you can use whatever you find in your home, like a broomstick, a swap, or some sort of stick that is wide enough to build a proper Paddle Box. The last part is important as the SUP Home Trainer has the main purpose to train your paddle technique so you want to make sure you can make a perfect stroke.

DIY SUP Home Trainer
This is a Paddle Box and can help you define how wide your grip should be while paddling

Resistance Band Ideas

If you do not have a resistance band at hand and don’t want to order something you can also use some kind of rubber band you find at home. Like for tailoring or an elastic band for luggage or to fix something on your bike. You might have an old expander at home which you don’t use anymore or you have an old cable tension you can repurpose here. There is no limit to your imagination 😉


  • Use a mirror in front of you to check your performance and readjust your posture if needed
  • This combo can not only be used for paddling moves but also for a variety of squats and other workout moves
  • This is also a great outdoor workout. So grab your 3 Items and find you a nice spot to exercise in solitude
DIY SUP Home Trainer
Use a mirror to check your posture

I hope you had fun reading this. Tag me on your home build SUP Trainer to get featured in my Instagram Story.

Enjoy the Homeworkout and stay safe. Those of you who are looking for more ideas to stay occupied during the time of social distancing you might want to read my 14 tips on Zero Waste ways for a Stand up Paddler to survive social distancing.


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