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3 easy household items to clean your SUP Board

I don’t know about you, but my SUP Board is often pretty dirty and looks kind of rubbish. Like in the picture below.

I also struggle sometimes to motivate myself to clean my SUP Board and it can take up weeks until I finally make myself bring in the end 2 items to get the job done. Kind of shameful I know especially when you know how much I love to take my board out.

Hence, I thought to create a little Infographic that shows how easy it actually is, to take care of your Paddleboard. You know find inspiration in useful procrastination 😉
Maybe you can also find some sort of motivation in my Infographic below.

Household Items to clean your Paddleboard – Infographic

3 easy household items to clean your SUP Board

Because I like things the easy way, I usually take a prepared bottle with me, were I already mixed warm water and the detergent in. Additionally, I bring my Hand- & Nailsbrush and brush my board off, after a session. Drytoweling is anyways inevitable so I do not mention that specifically.

Are you a good one who keeps it’s SUP board always clean or are you like me and you need some sort of motivation to get it done?

Let me know if you find this any useful & stay safe on the water!

Find a fun Video about my easy clean SUP Board Method, I made in Summer 2019 here


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