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Fanatic 2020 – New Logo, fresh Designs and some SUP Lovers dreams come true

Fanatic ended 2019 with a bang when releasing their 2020 range in a fresh and “Addicted to Ride” design, with new colors and a few upgrades in the back pocket


Yesterday Fanatic released its 2020 Range and shows the answer to many Fanatic lover’s prayers.

After they recently released their new Logo and left the established look behind for good, the brand new range for the upcoming season sure does support the “addicted to ride” attitude. By making their brand look cleaner, Fanatic cleverly used the opportunity to hence up their Boards and switch up their colors, right in favor of SUP Lovers out there.

My favorite update includes a long-desired demand, to exchange the white pad on some of their boards into a more practical color scheme. You can find colors from light blue to grey, and also a quite daunting warm redfor the board pads in 2020.

Regardlessly, switching the pad to grey, the days of guys paddling on a towel to not ruin their pad, are hopefully over!

What’s new – Board Introductions & Updates

Board upgrades

Fanatic has worked on the shape and appearance of their Falcon, Blitz and Ray boards to bring overall performance to the next level.

I can’t wait to get the new Falcon and Ray boards tested in 2020 on the water. I already loved to get out this year with those beauties and enjoyed their capabilities quite all right.

New 13’6″ Ray Air Touring Board

Additionally Fanatic introduced the new 13’6″ Ray Air Touring iSUP. This allows the owner to bring more gear for the ride.

It is up to you whether you use the extra space on the Ray Air touring board, but I personally love the idea to have extra space, as I like to take extra gear with me on the water. However, if you like to camp for a couple of nights, you now can also evenly distribute your luggage across the board which will enhance your paddle capacities in the long run.

More Boards, Plattform, gadgets, and cooperations Fanatic introduced


The 9’6″ Rapid Air in cooperation with Dan Gavere a whitewater SUP paddler, is joining the Fanatic portfolio in 2020.

A new Big SUP – Fly Air XL – for up to 7 people was also introduced, with the intriguing message

” The ultimate board meeting ”


I find the approach copy worthy, as it would likely take the tension out of “those” meetings. Something you would like to have instead of a round table meeting?

Last but not least, and many more things to explore on the Fanatic homepage, is the release of the now even more handy Fly Air Fit Platform S for SUP YOGA and Fitness, which offers more room in smaller spaces.

Let me know what is your opinion on the new colors? Will you test one of these Boards in the 2020 season?

I am going to the Paddle Expo on October 5th let me know if you would like to know something about the new Fanatic 2020 range, or any other question you are dying to know? Leave me a comment or a DM to share what you would like to read about on my blog.


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