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Testing the new YOLOBOARD TR 12.6 iSUP

YOLOBOARD just released a brand new 12.6 Touring (TR) iSUP for the European market, and I was able to test this new paddleboard first hand. Please read my thoughts on the iSUP below.

Touring Board Expectations

I am a huge believer in touring boards. All my iSUPs are boards made for longer trips and for my purpose this is just the right shape. I need a board I can do long tours on flatwater, that has directional stability and is as lightweight as possible.

Moreover, as most of you know I love my YOLOBOARD ORIGINAL SUGAR SKULL WHITE TURTLE which is an allrounder epoxy hardboard in 10’6″ x 31.5″ x 4.8″, which I received last year as a gift from YOLOBOARD in Germany and have been out on it on my home river ever since.

Anyhow, with summer just starting and despite Corona caused delays I made it a few weeks ago, back to Würzburg, and was able to see the new YOLOBOARD range for 2020 and was able to test the TR series first hand.

Anja, Rainer, and I were able to have a couple of SUP tours on river Main in Würzburg where I tried the new TR 12. 6 hardboard as well as the iSUP.

YOLOBOARD TR 12'6 x 29" Touring great hardboard for paddlers up to 80 kg.
YOLOBOARD TR 12’6 x 29″ Touring great hardboard for paddlers up to 80 kg.


YOLO SUP bag filled with all necessary equipment for a tour and  leaves still room for more stuff
YOLO SUP bag filled with all necessary equipment for a tour and leaves still room for more stuff

Arrival & Unpacking the TR iSUP

Pump & Repair Kit that comes with the TR iSUP
Pump & Repair Kit

Those of you who follow my IG Stories know how surprised I was discovering that YOLO decided to switch from plastic wrapper to paper this year. (Check My SUP Highlights to see the packaging)
The package was really just limited to the most necessary plastic usage – kept the ones for the pump and the repair kits as they are as I plan on giving them back anyways-. However, I liked it a lot that the plastic wrapper was not only reduced but also the usual smell of the new inflatable was very limited.

The package of the borrowed TR board, included Pump, Paddle, Fin, Patch Kit & a Travel Bag.

The YOLOBOARD inflatable TR 12.6 with the fin, paddle & travel trolley it comes with
The YOLO TR 12.6 iSUP with fin, paddle & travel trolley it comes with

Technical Details of the YOLOBOARD TR 12.6

  • Size 12’6″ x 27.5“ x 6“
  • Weight 8 kg
  • Paddlers up to 85 kg
  • 2 small fixed fins, 1 US Fin Box fin
  • 3 piece paddle
  • Trolley backpack
  • SUP Pump
  • Transport strap at nose & rail
  • 4 hooks
  • 2 comfort carrying handles

Happy Face after paddleling the TR for the first time in Würzburg

After unpacking and unwrapping, always follows water testing. Getting it on the water was a pleasure for me without any doubt. If anything it has exceeded my expectations by far.

TR iSUP Water Performance

The iSUP glides super smooth and is very stable on the water. The three SUP fins allow you not only to navigate very easily around but also enable you to catch a wave on the ocean. Turning and quickly reacting with the TR came very easy to me. Also compared to the hardboard TR 12.6 which I found a bit more sluggish while turning, the TR iSUP feels stable and agile at any time. It comes with a very natural directional stability and enables also SUP beginners to easily keep balance and track.

Pivot or Crossbow turns are easily done, as well as long tours with the TR 12.6. The triple layer technology of the iSUP also guarantees that the board has the necessary stiffness and cuts through smaller waves with ease.

As I would expect from a touring board, this board can keep up. It comes very effortlessly to build up speed with the YOLO TR.
This can be useful for interval training, as well as long-distance tours, or when you like to include a variety of training techniques in your routine.

Due to the shape and widths of 27.5″, I expect this board will perform well under iSUP race conditions and will show strong performance in a technical race.

Presenting the TR 12.6 inflatable SUP at a Sunsetbeach in Rerik at the Baltic Sea

Standard Paddle & SUP Fin

The standard fin and paddle, the board arrives with, is pretty high quality already. The set will include a 3 piece paddle, which is always useful for traveling. Especially as this board is so lightweight itself, that you simply can take it on a plane-, bus-, car-, or bike- ride.

However, the paddle itself, is pretty heavy also in regards to longer tours, and I will feel this quickly in my left elbow, so this is not an older lady paddle. Thus, I recommend getting a paddle more practical for your paddling style.

The fin also is very standard, as I have seen on other boards before. Nevertheless, I would recommend changing to a fin that has a little less flexibility in its material. Although, the US fin box system on the board is amazing, as you can switch fin positions and style according to your SUP activity.

Moreover, I have heard before, that a there fin system is a sign of low-quality boards, and I dare say that this is rubbish. I think 3 fins can add an advantage to a paddleboard, depending on your preferences. As pointed out before in the TR iSUP case it adds stability and makes the board usable in a variety of conditions.

Design & Extras of the YOLOBOARD TR 12.6

The design of the new YOLO inflatable TR 12.6 surprised with its extraordinary look in primarily white & brown and has some subtle red accents. Simple colors that have poping elements like the YOLOBOARD Logo. Furthermore, the deck pad of the TR is one of my favorite elements, not only because of the wooden look but also it feels super soft on my feet, which I find so much better on long tours. The color of the TR is also a touring friendly brown which makes it easy to keep the iSUP clean.

The additional two side hooks, and the two standard hooks at the nose and the rail, are very practical as you can attach a SUP sling, a seat, or just additionally secure your baggage.

The new YOLO Travel Bag

This SUP bag is so amazing. Unpacking the YOLOBOARD TR for the first time had so much excitement already, but seeing this amazing trolley backpack, I was blown away.

The material and quality of this bag are extraordinary! This spacious bag has wheels that are so comfortable while traveling. The details, such as the possibility to hide the straps, a stabilized lower back area, and extra comfy material in the shoulder area, brings so much comfort, while carrying your board, but see my pics and videos below before I go on about it forever.

SUP trolley backpack form YOLOBOARD
Straps are hidden and it looks like an ordinary trolly
SUP trolley backpack form YOLOBOARD
Straps are released and the back area has some extra stability
Still, a lot of space left in that backpack and with paddle and pump included the weight is about 10 kg which is easy for traveling

Conclusion on the YOLOBOARD inflatable touring SUP

In my humble opinion, this board is astonishing and I can without any doubt recommend this versatile touring board. Please find an overview of my main points below.

TR 12.6 iSUP

Love Points

  • Quality of all the used materials
  • Directional stability
  • Easy to turn & navigate
  • Lightweight (8 kg)
  • Design is made for touring & has the typical YOLO beauty
  • SUP trolley backbag
  • 3-piece paddle for traveling
  • extra hooks

Improvement points

  • Comes without a leash
  • Standard Fin
  • Pump can only do in, but no out
YOLOBOARD TR 12.6 hardboard
There are only 2 of the hardboards left as I am writing this blog post, make sure if you want one to contact yoloboard.de directly.

As always do not hesitate to message me for questions or leave a comment with your opinion. Stay safe on the water and enjoy yourself as much as you can out there!


Please note that there are no affiliate links in this post. The inflatable Board is borrowed until the end of the season and can be tested at request via info@sup-tour-berlin.com in Berlin if I can make myself available.
However, I have been kindly gifted two most stunning YOLO ORIGINAL Boards from YOLOBOARD Europe and I have received some goods from YOLO US. Nevertheless, this blog posts states my honest opinion 🙂
Thanks for reading!


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