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YOLO SUP BOARD reunion at Paddle Expo & a throwback to the beginning of 2019

Those of you who follow me for a while, know that I loved Yoloboard from its distribution start here in Germany and Europe this year. Today, I would like to share what I love about my YOLO hardboard and how I was in luck to get approached.

First Contact – love at first sight

Beginning of 2019, I was receiving a message from on Instagram, with the question of whether I am committed to a brand or if I would be interested to learn more about YOLO SUP boards. Of course, I was intrigued. The boards are gorgeous and the designs are real artwork by Jeremy Kennedy. I was invited to Würzburg where I could test a nice bunch of Boards.

During this visit it was obvious that those boards are high-quality material, in a flowless production and a surprisingly versatile range of boards. There are also Boards like the Hammerhead and more modest designs that really convince.

Is it a sponsorship?

During my polls, I got asked if I am sponsored by any brands. The answer is yes I received from the European distributor of Yoloboard (Rainer & Anja) my wonderful YOLOBOARD ORIGINAL SUGAR SKULL WHITE TURTLE and have the beautiful YOLO INFLATABLE SERENITY 11′ as a loan.

Where my WHITE TURTLE and I go you can see in my Insta Feed and Highlights (SUP) feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

My two gifted boards.

Left you see the NRS Escape 12.6 iSUP and on the right my Yolo Original.

What I love about my YOLO Original hardboard



  • Stunning design
  • glides basically on its own
  • lightweight
  • the colors
  • front & back rack for luggage
  • fragile to scratches
  • you easily see dirt on it – BUT check out my post on how easy you can clean your SUP

What is coming for YOLO in 2020?

Next Saturday 06th of October I will visit the Paddle Expo in Nuernberg and will visit Anja & Rainer from on their booth. Excited to see what Anja made of it. Check out their Insta Stories to see what the QA department is releasing for the Expo. While meeting them, I will ask all my burning questions on what to expect in 2020 for the European Market and their upcoming plans for winter paddling.

What can be expected for the upcoming season in Europe & which testivals and festivals not to miss?

Do you have a burning question yourself? Leave a comment below. Also check out my Insta Stories on Saturday for updates and see what Yoloboard is presenting at Paddle Expo 2019 and has in its future for 2020.

More 2020 updates coming soon. Stay safe on the water and enjoy yourself as much as possible.


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