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SUP Pumps – Finding the right Pump for a Stand-up Paddle adventure

Many SUP pumps are out there, but which one is best when going on vacation or going on a tour nearby? Find my guide to SUP Pumps, my favorites and other useful information below.

There are two ways to get air in your iSUP by hand. Inflate your board with a downward push or an upward pull. There are handpumps that combine both ways. This kind of pump is also referred to as a double stroke pump. They can come with one or even two air chambers.

Handpumps – double or triple action?

In the early days of my SUP passion, I have to admit I wasn’t a big fan of pumping up my board by hand. Nowadays, I don’t mind at all. I am not embarrassed to take my time when I need to, and I consider this a great warm-up before paddling.

Talking Pumps, this starts for me with a smaller version of a double-stroke hand pump which basically comes with every board you can purchase on the market. Double-stroke pumps use the upward & downward motion to inflate your iSUP.

The triple-action pump is the best one for me available on the market right now. Those pumps are sold by different brands, but other than there look they are pretty much the same. Two air chambers and a double stroke technology makes this pump pretty powerful.

It has 3 modes you can use while pumping. The first and hardest mode includes both air chambers and is pressing in the air while you move up and down. The second mode switches to using both chambers, but only while pushing the handle down. The third and easiest mode is only using one chamber and is not pushing in the pressure while you’re moving upwards.

Additionally, a triple action pump works with higher psi levels really well, which makes it my go-to pump at all times.

Only when I am traveling, I like a pump, that is of course with a double stroke function but quite small and light. Here I am still using the pump that came with the first board I purchased, the STEMAX Touring board. The pump is reliable and light-weight, which makes it a good travel companion.

There are some great options for traveling on the market. Just thinking about the pump that is integrated into a paddle and manufactured by airboard.

SUP Pump Technique

People who already have inflated their board with a hand pump know that technique plays an important role in inflating your board to the recommended pressure. You can hurt your lower back, get exhausted pretty fast, break out a sweat and loose all the power out of your upper arms before even getting on the water.

My recommendation is to get the power out of your legs not your back. Make sure your core is engaged to protect your lower back while you`re pumping.

Electric SUP Pumps – useful or not?

I have an electric pump from Sevylor, that works with the cigarette lighter adapter of my car. It actually works pretty conveniently up to 1 bar. Nevertheless, I hate that it is so loud and it takes forever. Also, this pump only works properly when my car engine is running and this is very environmentally unfriendly.

I am going to work out the minute I am on the water if I like it or not. Why not start the workout while pumping!?

Hand pumping with a triple action pump is much faster than the electric pump anyways!

Don’t get me wrong an electric pump is kind of awesome, especially if you have any physical disability that makes it hard to pump up your board by hand.

However, this sport is so environmentally friendly and preserves nature when executed with care, why not start this when considering buying the right pump? This also means buying higher quality that lasts longer to avoid unnecessary plastic garbage.

What is your favorite SUP Pump and do you agree that firing up the car engine to get out on the water is not very expedient? Leave a comment below.

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