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Zero Waste ways for a Stand up Paddler to survive Social Distancing

Paddle out alone

Enjoy the nature surrounding you, listen to the birds and embrace the solitude out there. Pick up trash you find on your way and make sure to only leave a positive mark with your SUP Board these days. This way you can also keep up your healthy state and not lose your mind inside.

Please note it is still cold out there, never go without a west or PFD when you are out alone. Additionally, please only go out if it is still permitted to go paddling in your country!

Read an ebook SUP Guide

There are some really good SUP guides out there, just for Stand up Paddling. Also, you can use Guides for Kajak and Kanu and might find some inspiration in Surf location guides too. Why not try out some SUP surfing, when easy traveling will be possible again!?
Find a few choices for kindle and ebook reader below:

Read a SUP Blog online

You started with this one, which is pretty awesome from my perspective 🙂 Some more suggestions for SUP Blogs, where I like to read and get inspiration from, below.

Plan your next SUP adventure

In times like this, when we need something to occupy our mind to stay sane, it is a good moment to plan the future. Not just in general but also in detail. Where do you want to go with your SUP next? Make a detailed plan. Research where to enter the water, how long the tour will take and where are the best spots to make sure to stop and take it all in while you are out there???

There are a couple of pages you can use for your research. In Germany, I like the page to get new ideas, and read about the experience other people made at this spot. Just google to find some pages for your country or maybe start your own!?

For those of you who want to get your planing to the next level: Check out my post on “Must take items to prepare your dream SUP Tour” and download your checklist for free.

Practice Yoga

I know every other post I say practice Yoga. What can I say, I am a believer. That Yoga is good for your body, your mental health and everything in between. Yoga works on the balance of mind & body and is in that sense a holistic way to transform.

If you need some inspiration for your own practice, find my favorite Yoga YouTube channels down below:

Workout/ Exercise

Home workouts are the best for several reasons:

  • It is not far from the shower
  • No one sees you when you look like a fool trying to hold your grace
  • It can be done at any time of the day
  • You can do it as often as you want
  • It gives you an immediate energy boost
  • It makes you feel good about yourself
  • It helps to keep your immune system intact

Lately, there are so many great coaches offering online training and I think this is absolutely amazing! Check out these two, whom I love and follow on Instagram:


Meditate & Practice Mindfulness

I can highly recommend setting an intention for the day, something simple like stay relaxed, or something specific, like not getting angry by your kid’s certain behaviors, or whatever fits your needs.
You can start by visualizing a situation where you are handling yourself as you would like to, and then slowly letting your thoughts go and get into a natural flow with your breath.

Find my top meditation Apps for Android below:

Videochat with friends

Just connect with a video call, to say hi to your loved ones, or even get with several people in a video chat, like a google hangout. You might want to play together like a dice game (Kniffel :)) or TABU.

Make it an event and celebrate the time you can virtually spend with each other. Have dinner over a video chat, or share something you crafted while staying at home. We are blessed to have these modern ways to connect!

Laugh as much as possible

  • Read a funny magazine
  • Watch a comedy show on Netflix
  • Call a friend and share a joke with each other
  • Watch some cute pig videos on Instagram

Do you want to know a fun fact about me? I really dislike pictures where I have a frowny face. My problem is I have a resting bitch face, can`t help it. Hence, I make myself smile at the GoPro when it is attached to my board at the nose. Which feels kind of ridiculous cause I am mostly alone, and I always think people see me and they think I am a bit of a basket case, smiling to myself. Nevertheless, this has the advantage that it will elevate my mood after a minute. Because the brain releases serotonin, which is triggered by a smile, which on the other hand makes me even happier than I already am, spending time on my board. Win win kind of situation. Clever right!?

What I am trying to say is, look for reasons to randomly smile, it will uplift your mood!

Start Journaling

Journaling can help you in so many ways and is such an easy way to express gratitude or anxiety. Only by expressing your thoughts and feelings, you can start to transform them into something constructive, which is very powerful in itself.
Writing can help you to release fear and resentment as well as it helps you manifest your desires. There are many techniques out there that can also help you transform your mindset. Moreover, there are some studies that show this can help you prevent depression and get into a positive attitude towards life.

I use something like this for years now:
Gratitude Journal: Journal 5 minutes a day to develop gratitude, mindfulness and productivity: 90 Days of daily practice, spending five minutes to cultivate happiness”

Pic up some trash pieces when you are out for a walk

Best way to give back to nature and this planet!

Offer help to your neighbors

Do you have some older neighbors or people with kids who still need to go to work? If you have the capacities you might be able to help. By picking up some items from the store, or the post office, or watching the kids for a couple of hours and play a game or do some craftwork. This way you can care for your next-door neighbor.
Additionally, you might want to check out some local apps that help to connect with your neighbors in the virtual reality. This also could have the side effect to find new friends, after the distancing period, in real life.

Support an NGO of your choice

There are so many ways nowadays to connect to organizations that do good for our planet. You can join a local association or support a big non-profit organization with a donation. Find below my top choices:

Digital Detox

Please also take this distancing as a chance to disconnect. Especially, when we are bored we tend to spend quite a lot of time in front of social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat and so on. However, it is really important to take your distance from these networks as well.

Disconnecting and re-evaluating your beliefs is an important part of self-development.

Do this without comparing yourself to others because you are the only person you have to be good enough for. There is only you who sets rules and limitations for yourself. If you want to become fitter: Take the time to workout. If you want to lead a healthier life: Take the time to prepare your food and find your daily routine.

Only you can make you a better version of yourself!

How do you cope during the social distancing period? Leave a comment below.


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