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SUP Spot “Little Venice”

Little Venice was one of my favorite after-work SUP tours last year. The perfect spot to find some peace and quiet and just enjoy the beautiful nature Berlin has to offer. The later you get there in summer the more it will remind you of a fairy tale spot.

My iSUP at the footbridge to the restaurant “Alte Liebe”

How to get there

By Car

It is very comfortable to go there by car. Moreover, for navigation, I use the restaurant boat and type in ‘Alte Liebe Berlin’. I never had any issues to find a parking space in walking distance to the access point. Best is, to look for a suitable space on the right-hand side of the restaurant boat. You can park on both sides of the street (Havelchaussee) but the waterside is more convenient to get your iSUP pumped up.

Alongside the Havelchausse there are plenty of possibilities to park.

By Bus

Bus 218 is going to Station “Am Postfeen” which is less than 200 meters away from the water entrance.

What to expect at this SUP spot

  • The tour is approximately 6 km long and it will take you around one and a half hours from start to finish.
  • Swimming is best possible before you cross the bridge.
  • After passing the bridge the actual “Little Venice” begins and you will see a lot of nature and water birds such as swans and ducks.
  • It is usually very quiet and you mostly will see people who live in that area.
  • There are possibilities to get a beer along the way.
  • The chanal on your way back to the entry point can be a bit of a challenge due to barges that produce high waves. If you are not an experienced paddler it is best to go on your knees until they pass. Please be aware that we have in Germany the obligation to drive on the right-hand side.
Fairy tale mood on my SUP

Piraten Spätie

Piraten Späti

In that area, on the wider parts of the Havel, you often can find the “Piraten Spätie“. This raft is selling Ice cream drinks and other snacks. Personally, seeing the pirate raft is always a highlight for me. It is a genius idea and a very nice guy who owns the raft. A must to get ice cream when you see the Piraten Späti.

Restaurant “Alte Liebe”

I personally have never eaten there but it is always crowded and the people looked quite happy when I was passing. Please keep in mind this is a boat and the food will not be as fresh as you might expect as the kitchen space can only be very limited.

Final Tips

  • Bring a grass fin, as in the later summer days the seaweed is growing pretty high.
  • Additionally, bring some money in case you encounter the Piraten Späti raft.
  • The swans can be quite aggressive so make sure not to bother them too much.
  • This spot has limited access for swimming. In the smaller channels, the water is to low to swim there and also the water plants are densely vegetated.
  • Bring an older towel for your SUP board. The ground is dark sand and will mess up your bags and car if not cleaned up before storing.

And as always enjoy yourself to the max on the water and stay safe.


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