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3 Things I love about iSUPs

Just delightful that nowadays inflatable SUPs are lightweight and due to high technology and quality material stable and stiff on the water.

Each year, manufacturers come up with more performance-oriented designs and customized solutions for the growing stand up paddle market.

Inflatable SUPs have an increase in popularity and come with lots of advantages. Today I want to share the 3 things I love most about iSUPs

1. Storage and Packaging

Inflatable SUPs and their ability to be rolled makes life so much easier. When the board only comes with one Finn box, it can be rolled flat and comfortable to be fitted in a bag pack with your regular clothes you would need for a vacation for example. This has another advantage, when flying with Ryanair for example only one chargeable luggage piece needs to be booked. Additionally, storage during the winter month is so convenient and does not take to much space. Make sure your board is dry and clean before you roll it and that the temperature and humidity are stable where you want to store your board.

2. Location independent

With an iSUP you can go basically everywhere it is allowed to SUP (check your local requirements). Using a backpack you are independent of almost everything, just put your basics such as a leash, paddle, and PFD together and you are set for an adventure. This can be in Germany, on one of the stunning lakes in Bavaria, or it can be Croatia, or Indonesia what I did at the beginning of the year 2019.

3. Easy to share with others

It doesn’t matter if you only have one board or if you a freak like me and have several boards. It is always a fun time to share this wonderful activity with others. You can take your dog or a friend with you on the boards and just enjoy your time together. Moreover, you build a more thorough bond and trust in each other.

SUP is also an activity perfect to make plans with friends. I like to meet people for events like the Spreewald marathon or just to hang out and laugh together.

Bottom Line iSUPs are:

  • Easy to bring everywhere
  • Easy to pack and store
  • Easy and fun to share with friends

Have a wonderful time on the water and leave a comment if you agree (or not).


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