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SUP Spot “Schlachtensee” in Berlin

Are you someone from – or around Berlin, who loves to SUP? Or are you a visitor to Germany’s capital city and you like to explore Berlin by SUP and get a different view on what the city has to offer? Or maybe you are just looking for tour inspiration? Then you may find an inspiration or a starting point below.

In the following, I would like to share my insides on Berlin Citys inner pearl, lake Schlachentsee.

Screenshot google search: Schlachtensee

How to get to Schlachtensee

There are, besides on a bike or on foot, two easy ways to reach the Schlachtensee which is located in Berlins district Zehlendorf. You can get there by car and enjoy free parking in various places around the lake. Or by metro which is located approximately 100 meters away from the main bathing area.

By Car

  • You can easily park on a regular day at Elvirastieg which is near the Restaurant Fischerhuette.
  • Do not use the parking designated to the restaurant.
  • Sidewalk leaves enough room to pump your board, but be mindful of residents and other visitors.

By Public Transportation

Easy to get there via public transportation and less than a 100-meter walk to the waterside makes is a very comfortable place to SUP within the city. The Station is called “S – Bahnhof Schlachtensee” and will lead you to one of the main gathering points to enjoy swimming, SUP or even rent a boat.

  • S-Bahn (metro) S1 (Wannsee – Schoenholz) is taking you to this lake.
Google Screenshot; The name of the metro station is the same as the name of the lake “Schlachtensee”

What to expect

  • Schlachtensee is a place with a lot of lively energy and a perfect venue to meet people and get in contact with each other. You meet a lot of swimming people so keep an eye out while paddling.
  • By surrounding the lake you have a maximum of 5 km to expect for your tour, which also makes it beginner friendly.
  • Moreover, you will find perfect condition to have a swim in between to refresh and maybe keep your training versatile.
  • At Schlachtensee you can’t see from one end to another, it seems bigger than it actually is and has its more private places on the opposite side of Fischerhuette.
  • You can also surround this lake by foot on the outside.
  • A perfect place to rewind and have a full nature experience directly in the city.
  • The water is very clean. Nevertheless, in the later summer month, there might be a high amount of bacteria and you should avoid drinking the water or let small children swim there.
Runtastic Screenshot from a tour at Schlachtensee in 2018

Rental Station

At Schlachtensee there is a SUP rental station that offers a variety of services. You can rent a SUP Board here or have a beginners course. You can check out their Website for further details

Google Screenshot of SUP Station ” Steh Paddler” at Schlachtensee

Best times to go there

  • Autumn – The leave colors make this place magical; also a great destination for a walk
  • Winter – very accessible and also beautiful when you are almost alone there
  • Summer – only during the week and very early or late to avoid the crowd

Final Tips

  • Bring your own drinks and food as the restaurant Fisherhuette is pretty expensive.
  • Bring your camera especially in autumn. You want to capture those colors of the trees that surround the lake.
  • It is nearly impossible to get on your board there, without getting wet feed, so bring appropriate footwear such as neoprene socks or water shoes.
  • Whenever you go alone or at a time where there will no one else be outside, I cannot stress enough to bring a PFD or west to stay safe.

If you have additional tips or questions please leave a comment down below. Stay safe and enjoy yourself on the water.


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