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Kolula Island

A spontaneous invitation from kolula SUP, a new way to rent your SUP via rental station, guided my way on a Friday in June to Lindwerder, one of my beloved Havel islands.

Starting in the afternoon, my journey started from “Kleiner Wannsee” to Lindwerder – or now known as kolula island – by motorized raft. After a quick introduction by Co- founder Lars and introducing his Partner Steven and the team, he told us about the easy kolula SUP rental system and their vision to bring more people on the water.

During the 25 minutes long ride, we booked our own SUP for the afternoon and went through the whole process to get on one of the Premium Fantatic boards. Those high-quality Boards are basically allrounder and made for everyone starting by ambitious beginner and ending by fully addicted Paddler. The whole booking process was really easy and the browser version for mobile functional and intuitive to use.

kolula goody bag
My new dry bag

Some minutes where also spend, to quickly scan the goody bag content and to chatter up lovely @viviiherzchen, who agreed to swop sunglasses with me. 24°C and a wonderful summer breeze made the raft ride diverting and we arrived at Lindwerder where a lovely venue was presented to the approximately 20 selected guests from the Berlin Fitness and SUP branch. After going off board we finally could have the first glance at the rental container box.

kolula rental station
kolula rental station on Lindwerder

The ingenious design also won rightly a design price. It was so easy to get the Board out of my locker. Additionally, the boxes have enough room to leave some stuff behind. Moreover, besides your Fanatic Board you also get a dry bag for your phone, which you need to take with you, as well as a leash and a paddle.

If you go alone, I would also recommend bringing your own PFD device, just for safety. Otherwise, you are ready to get out on the water, as you do not have to do anything else like pumping.

In our case we got a little SUP introduction from @denny_kambs, before we all went out for a quick warm up tour around Lindwerder.

Afterwards, we could decide to go to SUP Yoga or have a little race clinic with @paulinasup. I opted for the race clinic, but have to admit did not much racing, as I am awfully clumsy. I hope no one made pics how I tried to run with a leash on my ankle.

Paulina during SUP Race training
Paulina Herpel during race training

Regardless of my capabilities Paulinas tips were useful and the time spend on the water frisky. We had a thorough look at the capabilities of the boards. From a pivot turn to long distant touring, the boards are made for fun on the water. After the time run out, the storage and return of the material was simple and quick.

Your mobile opens the locker and you just store the material and grab whatever you had stored and close the door. Done.

Getting the SUPs out of the rental station
Denny Kambs getting a board out of the rental station

The concept is fairly easy and gives the paddler a good flexibility. The opening hours in summer are till 10 pm and you basically only need yourself and a mobile.

At the moment there are two more stations available in Caputh and Petzow which are just located outside of Potsdam and also have a Havel connection. The one in Caputh is definitely on my bucket list as my parents life there and Lake Templin is one of my homespots.

What I also found wonderful as it sparks networking opportunity is that kolula is looking for partners such as SUP Instructors, Yoga Teacher or Beach Bar owner to spread the SUP spirit. On their Homepage you can get in touch if you interested in working together.

And as the kolula team is not only creative and inspiring but they are also great guys the are giving you 25% off your kolula booking by using the discount code: kolulamitsuptourberlin

I hope you will check out a kolula station when you visit Berlin, or when you life in or around Berlin and just like to spend your time on a board outside in nature.

Ladybug on my finger
Ladybug who stayed a while


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