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How I take pictures on a SUP Tour? – Tips to copy

Capturing the best moments on a SUP tour for later to remember and share can be as rewarding as the tour itself. I love to share my adventures on Instagram and receive instant feedback from the SUP community. Often people ask me what I used on the water to capture my trips in the form of Photos and Videos. Read below about my favorite items which I take on most of my tours.

Please note I rarely take all at once, as I plan beforehand what I like to do on a tour and what my focus will be. Nevertheless, I will always take my Mobile as this is also one of my recommended safety tools.

All my favorite tools I like to take on a SUP tour


I personally use a GoPro Hero 6 and have to admit that I haven’t tried anything else than GoPro. Hence my recommendation is based on what I know and like to work with.

The GoPro is a very powerful Actioncam with a nice stabilizer that is perfect for SUP activities. The picture will be sharp and the colors bright and eye-catching when shooting in daylight.

Best time for a GoPro shoot is sundown as the lights on the pictures will be warm and soft.

This also applies to underwater footage. You will have the most fun with your GoPro in bright conditions. Actioncams are usually not made for night shoots or bad lighting conditions.


  • Great stabilizer
  • shoots Underwater
  • small and fits in most pockets
  • lots of additional gadgets


  • Not for detailed pics
  • bad performance in spare light

Supporting Equipment for the Actioncam

My go-to gadgets for the GoPro
  • 3-way mount
  • Clamp for the paddle or other things that come in handy
  • extra Battery set and an external charger
  • SUP Board mount
GoPro Mount on my SUP

Mobile Phone

I own a Huawei P20 Pro and I love it. It shoots incredibly good pictures for a mobile phone. Additionally, the manufacturer claims – so I never put it into testing – that it is up to 3 meters waterproof. This is why I don’t use a case for my mobile while on the water.

I have 2 different tripods for my Mobile which I take with me when I am shooting pictures for my Instagram feed. As I am not one of those lucky chicks who have their own Insta- Boyfriend to make gorgeous pictures of them, a fair amount of my pics are selfies. This is why I use a tripod and my secret weapon a Bluetooth remote.

One of my tripods is a regular traveling tripod for Mobile phones and smaller cameras. This is my preferred one as it is stable and I can even put it in the water to shot. Additionally, I have a tiny tripod with flexible legs that can be wrapped around almost anything.

  • Waterproof Mobile or an equivalent case
  • mini Tripod
  • Bluetooth remote

Check out my Amazon associate store for the items I mentioned below.

Any questions or additional tips? Please leave a comment below.

Enjoy yourself on the water and stay safe.


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