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Must take items to prepare your dream SUP tour.

Don’t know what you feeling, but I love a SUP tour. Spending time on my board is always wonderful, regardless of how long or far the tour will be. There are different types of tours, you can do with your paddleboard

1. Short Tour

2. Day Tour

3. Overnight Tour

Find below some tips and free Checklists to download, for items you should not miss out on when going on a SUP tour.

Additionally, please make sure to be prepared before you go on a tour. I personally recommend at least a layer of sunscreen and to get some food in your tummy before you leave the house.

Basics for a SUPTour preparation

1. The Short Trip

A short trip also needs some preparation. This ensures to make the most out of your time on the water.

3 Items you should bring on a short tour

  1. Water
  2. Mobile Phone
  3. Waterproof Bag

Make sure to stay hydrated and to always be able to call for help. Also, do not leave your shoes behind. At least bring Flip Flops in case you have to walk unexpectedly.

2. The Day Trip

Day Trips want to be well prepared. Often there is also some more planning necessary. Make sure you know where you want to go and also important how you will get home. Charge your phone before you leave and also take some money with you, just in case.

3 Items you should bring on an all-day SUP tour

  1. Food and Snacks
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Additional Cloths
Sunscreen from Swox and a Bikini
The SWOX Sunscreen is ocean-friendly and protects your skin an lips

Please consider the wind and bring some items you can pull over when it gets chilly in the evening such as a hoody or a windbreaker.

3. The Overnight SUP Trip

The route of an overnight tour might be researched and prepared as thorough as possible. Find a place to stay, which fulfills your desires and where it is allowed to stay. Please note that wild camping is forbidden in Germany, so please do your research before you go on a trip

In order to survive an overnight SUP tour, you need some additional luggage. Make sure you pack as space-saving as possible. Moreover, make sure your SUP is able to carry the additional gear and you. Plan ahead of what you might need based on the route you choose.

3 Items to bring on an overnight SUP tour

  1. Tent & sleeping bag (preferably synthetic)
  2. A few liters of Water and well-planed Food portions for all your meals
  3. Hygiene Articles

If you like to read further on how to plan a tour like this, I highly recommend this article from


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