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SUP Tour “Zitadelle Spandau”

The Citadel is an old fort that was build in the 16th century and was designed to provide protection for Berlin residence and also served as a place of refuge. Nowadays it is one of the best-preserved renaissance citadels in Europe.

Impressive Renaissance Citadel

The fort is completely surrounded by water and has 4 bastions. Nevertheless, it is not possible to surround the whole castle by SUP as you have the street to the main entrance which makes it impossible to completely surround the fort on the water.

The citadel is now a popular venue for events such as concerts, weddings or medieval festivals.

Where to start the Citadel Tour

  • The best place to access the water, for the tour I am recommending, is at Wasserstadtbrücke Berlin Spandau.
  • There are several possibilities from here the get your board in the water. However, directly under the bridge is a comfortable water access point as you have enough space to handle a board or even an inflatable boat if you like.

Get there by Car

  • Parking at this location is free.
  • You can park Asnierestr., Iznikstr. or even at Wasserstadtbrück.
  • Use one of the above street names for your navigation system.
  • During the day it is easy to get a parking space. The later it gets, the harder you will find a parking space.

Extra Tip for Winter SUP under the bridge, is a parking space, which acts as a park house and is convinent to get changed and store your material away during the colder days.

By public transport (Bus)

There are two Bus lines going to this place

Bus 236 & X36 Station: ” Hugo- Cassirer- Str.”

  • Best is to go to U Haselhorst (underground station) first, there U7 is going back and forth.
  • It is approximately a 5-minute walk from the station to the waterside

What to expect at the Citadel

  • The tour is approximately 5 km long.
  • Depending on how much time you will spend around the citadel, it can take you from an hour up to 2 or 3 hours.
  • You first go with the flow and will paddle back against the water flow. Please consider this when planning your tour.

  • This is how my tour recommendation looks.
  • The bridge on the right on the picture will be on your left hand when you go to the castle.
  • This is also the spot I recommend for swimming.

Best time to go

Late afternoon

You can fetch the sunset on your way back.

  • The way to the citadel is with the direction of the water flow and some smaller islands, where people mostly have a summer home, can be found along the way.
  • There are some few possibilities to get out for a drink on a warmer day, but I never personally tried. So leave a comment if you made a stop somewhere.
  • Besides the island, there are more bridges to cross. At Eiswerder on your left-hand side, you need to get down a little to cross the bridge. If you are inexperience paddler I would recommend getting on your knees while passing.

  • This bridge is also a good spot for swimming and taking pictures. The scenery is beautiful and the water is nice and refreshing. Also, no bigger boats can pass the bridge, this makes it also a good spot to swim with kids.
  • Around Eiswerder is quite some fun stuff to discover. Such as the Kanu Waterball Club. I love watching them when they practice.
  • When you have left Eiswerder behind you can fully see the outside of the citadel.

The right side of the fort will let you almost go all the way around I would recommend making your way to the right and enter the long way around the castle.

Careful at this point (!) I do not mean all to the right, as this would lead you to a floodgate. The citadel is on the left hand in front of you but if you enter to the left it will not bring you far.

Around the citadel, it is very calm and beautiful.

  • Please make sure to carefully pass the Lillies and take care of your surrounding. Leave the place at least in the same condition as you found it. It is up to you if it’s not better to take trash that can be found along the way.

Spots you can discover after entering the citadel from the right are plenty. Look for a hidden archway you can – once found – carefully enter.

Leave a comment how you’d like this SUP spot.

Watch out for the words on the wall. You can find the “Brandenburg” & “Kronprinz” when you enter the right side of the fort.

  • On your way back you can enjoy a lovely sunset if you like that time of the day.
  • With all the bridges you come across you have also plenty of foto opportunities or you can just enjoy the view and the time on the water on your way back.

SUP rental station

  • GTS is planning a SUP test center on isle Eiswerder.
  • The planned location is in a tower with a beautiful view right at the citadel.

Further Tips

  • You can vary the tour as long as you like. There is literally no limitation. You can either go further past the citadel, or you can expand the Havel upwards in the direction of Tegel.
  • Moreover, this tour is also a nice way to enjoy a concert from your SUP. You can listen to the Band or Musik from a more private outside point. Bring some snacks and a bottle of wine if you like
  • They have in summer fireworks there frequently which can also be enjoyed from the water.

Bring your own picknick and enjoy a relaxing moment at this historic place.

  • If you plan to stay there till sunset. Please make sure to bring a light for your SUP that you can be seen on the water.
  • Take extra care of motorboats as the might not see you in the dark. Best to not go alone and prepare at least 2 SUPs with lights that you can draw more attention to yourself. During the Summer month, there will be steamboats that can easily overlook you

If you have additional tips or questions please leave a comment down below. Stay safe and enjoy yourself on the water.


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